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“Are You Looking For A Broker To Handle Your Fort Collins Business Sale?”


Seller or Buyer – You’ve Come to the Right Place!

If you came here because you are looking for a broker to handle your Fort Collins business sale, you came to the right place!

If, however, you’re looking for Fоrt Collins business fоr sale, wе hаvе options fоr you too!

Nоw iѕ a great timе tо bе a small business owner in thiѕ up-and-coming Ft. Collins / Northern Colorado region.


Broker Options to Assist You In Your Ft. Collins Business Sale:

Choosing a business broker to advise you or to serve as your exclusive broker is an important decision.

Your location in Ft. Collins and not Denver (where 95% of Colorado business brokers are) makes it even more important that you take your time.

There are 45,000 licensed real estate brokers in Colorado, but only about 200 business brokers.

And, probably 175 of those 200 are in Denver, with the rest scattered all over.

Also, even though business brokers are required to have a Colorado real estate license, business brokers are not the same as commercial real estate brokers or residential real estate brokers.

In fact, the differences are huge:

Business Brokers:

  • Can help you set your asking price and terms
  • Treat confidentiality as critical to your sale
  • Use and other specialty markets
  • Carefully screen and qualify business buyers
  • Present your business in a “deal book” format
  • Can easily defend your business’ asking price
  • Know how businesses are financed.

Residential or Commercial Real Estate Brokers:

  • Have no business pricing background
  • Want to use their FOR SALE sign out front
  • Likely will just use a real estate MLS
  • Don’t know how to qualify business buyers
  • Usually, prepare a one-page “listing sheet”
  • Don’t really know enough about business
  • Know nothing about small business financing

But, even after you understand that you need a business broker specialist, you might also think that there are enough qualified business brokers in Ft. Collins to give you several to choose from.

Unfortunately, if you limit your search to local area brokers and exclude talking to those based in Denver, you may not have made the best choice. You might think that distance matters or that selling a business in Ft. Collins is a local activity.

Actually, most buyer prospects are likely to be planning to move to Colorado, but not yet here.

Those buyers expect the brokers in Denver to cover all along the Front Range, and we do!

Colorado Business Brokers has chosen to specialize in the Northern Colorado business for sale market from Denver to Ft. Collins.

The three founding partners of Colorado Business Brokers – two of whom live north of Denver themselves – have chosen to serve this market. Give us a call after you look around this website and call one of us for a confidential discussion.


Buyer Options to Find a Ft. Collins Business For Sale:

The statistics show that the Ft. Collins area has about 9,000 small business entities as recorded in business census data and/or at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

This data, however, is imprecise. No one source is accurate.

The public data also runs woefully behind in its recording of business additions and failures.

But, if you eliminate the businesses that are not really businesses but just real estate holding companies,  and if you don’t consider the solo-entrepreneurs and others that are too small to be sold to a new owner, and if you omit from consideration the very large companies that are not really small businesses, our best guess as business brokers is that there are only about 1,000 small businesses in our Ft. Collins area that someone could buy, and that are likely to be for sale sometime in the near future.

Looking at the business broker and “for-sale-by-owner” ads on the Internet, an estimate would be that there are about 100 such businesses advertised for sale at any one time.

Over the course of the year, our best guess is that there are twice that number advertised – maybe 200 that are Ft. Collins-based business opportunities.

But, of that large number of ads, we know that only about 20% actually get sold within the first year.

So that’s probably 40 small businesses sold per year in or near Ft. Collins to outside parties.

In addition, some businesses fail at this crucial time when trying to sell, so many of those attempted sales just end up in liquidation or some other type of closing. Some, too, are probably not even advertised and are being sold internally to family and employees.

That number – say, 200 offered each year of which 40 are sold to third parties – is just a guess, but it’s probably a good guess.

The good news for you – if you want to buy a business in Ft. Collins – is that there are probably at least 40 good businesses you should be considering out of about 200 that are for sale near Ft. Collins each year!

The strategy for reaching out to the brokers and business owners who have these businesses for sale is something you probably should discuss with us.

To get to know what’s available, you’ll have to meet with various brokers and probably also with some for-sale-by-owner business owners.

We wish we had all the businesses for sale ourselves, but it’s a really fragmented market.

We’re happy to get you pointed in the right direction, however, and give you some coaching tips for free. Call us today!

So, provided you’re ready to look at options for selling or buying a Fort Collins business for sale, we welcome you to contact Colorado Business Brokers for assistance.


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