How We Coach

1. Custom Designed Experiences

  • Custom-designing a unique alliance between coach and client instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach
  • Choosing client-defined outcomes, context and purpose for each assignment or session
  • Creating new experiences for the client
  • Honest mining for thoughts and feelings
  • Rich dialogue for reframing perceptions
  • De-briefing of experiences for learning

2. Business Orientation for Maximum Results

  • Starting with what’s measurable—the client’s core performance metrics
  • Graduating to what’s not measurable—a client’s core values in their business and personal lives
  • Defining who, what and where the client is now
  • Defining who, what and where the client wants to be
  • Finding the gap

3. Discovering What Counts, What Works

  • Taking action to discover, experience, name and re-frame “what counts,” so that the client can shift perspective, take action, find new energy and resources to create “what works”
  • Moving the client to a new accountability standard
  • Achieving what the client wants
  • Transforming the business into what it needs to be

4. Exploring a Client’s “Big Idea” or Helping a Client Find New Ones

  • Discovering a client’s unique qualities and strengths
  • Questioning what the client can do that the client’s competitors can’t or won’t do
  • Evaluating a client’s personal “brand” as well as the “brand” of their business entity
  • Reframing the client’s “limiting assumptions”
  • Assessing a client’s real chances of transforming their market, profession or industry

5. Building Momentum with “Quick Wins”

  • Teaching the long-term strategy of creating “quick win” daily action plans
  • Helping clients climb out of the ruts they’re in
  • Designing experiences to demonstrate to clients that everything they need is always within reach
  • Designing accountability exercises to improve the client’s reach

6. Professional and Practical Approaches Using Widely-Recognized Coaching Elements, Methods and Protocols

  • Use of standard practices as taught and vetted by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT).
  • No promotion of ancillary products or services
  • No affiliation with any franchise or outside entity
  • Commitment to confidentiality

7. Coaching Delivery with Warmth, Friendliness, Humor & Caring*

  • A mutual commitment of coach and client

*Only effective with a client’s cooperation