UNDER CONTRACT – Unique Colorado Transportation Equipment Manufacturer

Price: $1,250,000

Location: Colorado

Listing Description

Makes a One-of-a Kind Product That Will Surprise You

Business Description:

This is a market-leading, low-tech, niche manufacturing and marketing company located in the Denver area. The founder and current owner has spent 30 years in the business and is ready to sell. The real estate, a 5,533 sq. ft. industrial condominium that the business occupies, is also for sale. It is owned separately by the company founder/owner.

The company’s major product is being produced in several lines and with different versions in each line. All lines are related to transportation in fields where the demand is expected to increase dramatically.

The company is at a crossroads where it needs to make some major decisions. There are several promising directions to consider. A major technological change is also occurring already that will greatly expand this company’s markets, so the opportunity ahead is extraordinary.

The markets for this company’s products are mainly in the continental U.S. The weight of the company’s products themselves is what partly protects the company’s mainland dominance. Shipping costs effectively limit overseas products from competing. And that’s not likely to change. The strength and stability of the products are sales advantages. To be strong and stable, the products are inevitably made with heavy materials.

The founder and current owner of the company is an industry pioneer and this company has dominated the U.S. market for many years. The decision the company now faces is whether to go into mass production of fewer lines to maximize sales, or to retain smaller runs of a bigger variety of products.

This is a “fun” type of product to make, sell and use. It is highly visible and instantly recognizable as unique and interesting by the general public. It is a branded product with a well-known name among its customers.

At this juncture, a new owner will have plenty of room and time to make decisions about moving forward. The current Owner/Founder realizes that this is the time to sell, so a new owner can make these choices.

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