How To Get Your Company To Organically Be Page 1 on Google Search

How To Get Your Company To Organically Be Page 1 on Google Search

“Learn How To Get Your Website, Content, And Pages To The Top Of Google, Organically, For The Best Keywords In Your Niche And Target Areas, In 90-Days or Less, WITHOUT Doing Any Blogging, Social Media or Paid Ads, Ever Again!” – Marshall Adler, CEO of Sky High Media

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As business brokers for main street businesses, we appreciate the challenge of marketing your firm against the national brands that have much larger marketing budgets.  One critical area that is the life blood for many businesses is being findable on-line.  Business owners hope people find them when they search on Google and that they rank high enough to even be considered by those looking for what they have to offer.

We faced this challenge ourselves and looked for solutions that would work.  The first thing we did was launch a Pay-Per-Click campaign for keywords.  This helps and we sometimes get our ads to be page 1 until the daily budget expires.  What is frustrating is we know we miss out on opportunities when our ads don’t show-up on a search and our company is off page 1 organically.  We have also learned that 6% on average of all traffic to company websites results from Pay-Per-Click.  So if we wanted to boost traffic to our website, we knew we needed to do more to get our website to rank page 1 on more google keyword searches.

We blog, we use keywords in our content, but this takes lots of time and the competitions is fierce.  We found a solution through Sky High Media that delivered results within days!  Within three days of finishing their work, we were finding our company landing organically on Google searches for keywords critical to us.

If you are looking to find ways to improve where your company lands when someone googles looking for just what you have to offer, I encourage you to investigate this solution further.  When people see your company on page 1 in a Google search, they are more likely to associate you as a key provider for what they need.

Please visit Sky High Media and schedule your own private demonstration.  It takes 30 minutes, but in the end, we found the results merited us taking the time to learn more.  If you explore this solution and find your business benefits from the increased traffic to your website, then we are excited to know another Main Street business is proving to find ways to win against those firms with Wall Street money!

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