Revive the Fire in Your Office and In Your Employees

Revive the Fire in Your Office and In Your Employees

Transparency is Key

Author: Richard Trevino II and Originally Posted on Entrepreneur November 13, 2018

Your employees are your company’s most important resource, so you hire people who fit your company culture and are productive and efficient. However, at some point, your managers and/or your employees are not going to feel motivated. You feel like you’ve lost the spirit and passion to keep your company productive. There are simple ways to revive the fire in your office and your employees. Here are three ways to motivate your employees to become more productive and love what they do.

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1. Pleasant office environment.

Make sure your office is as pleasant and welcoming as possible. “A good number of employees could get distracted by a negative office environment,” says blogger Michael Zhou. Work stations should be well lit and ventilated. Employees should have comfortable furniture, and their equipment needs to be in good condition. Just those few things can put employees in a productive mindset. Your office should have a space where your employees can relax and de-stress for a few minutes. Allowing your employees to move away from their desks and giving them the time and space to de-stress and bounce back to work will make them more productive. These places also allow them to socialize with each other, which helps cultivate a friendly and welcoming work environment.

In other words, a pleasant and welcoming work environment isn’t just about the place, but also the people in it. Make sure conflicts are nipped in the bud (privately, as much as possible), recognize good work with public praises and achievable rewards, keep work competitive but friendly, treat everyone with respect, encourage personal growth, and help employees develop and advance their careers. Both the place they work at and the people they work with have a direct effect on your employees’ motivations. Keeping both as positive as possible can help you revive their motivation and productivity.

2. Be goal-oriented.

Make sure employees understand the company’s goals and their roles in achieving those goals. “Employees without goals will be naturally aimless. Provide them with clear achievable goals and make sure there are measurable standards in place to evaluate their performance,” says author David Burkus. When your targets and goals are achievable, it’s easier to visualize them, which can keep employees motivated and productive. When these goals are clearly communicated with them, your employees know what you expect from them and what they need to do. It makes them more efficient and effective in their jobs.

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Giving employees feedback allows them to know what they need to improve and how to improve it. Providing them with the training they need to address the results of the evaluation can also show them that you want them to grow and develop. Knowing they have a role in the company’s success gives your employees a reason to stick around, be a part of the team and work hard.

3. Be transparent.

Transparency, accountability and honesty are important. Some managers think that keeping employees in the dark regarding certain issues within the company is necessary. However, “If you keep your workers in the dark about the goings-on of your business, they’ll start to feel excluded and under-valued,” says writer Gail Newland. “In order to build a reliable, stable team that wants to work for you, maintaining open communication is crucial.” Knowing where the company stands allows your employees to know what to expect in terms of rewards, benefits and career. It motivates them to help with issues when the company is facing some challenges. After all, their futures are at stake.

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Give your employees reports on how the company is doing. In a way, this is also feedback on their performance; though instead of individual feedback, it is an evaluation of their performance as a team. “Being transparent about your company’s issues can help your employees find solutions faster,” says Zhou. Transparency helps to ensure a positive working environment and a company with a clear purpose.

When you want to bring back the passion and fire in your office and among your employees, your best chance is to give your employees a positive working environment, a clear purpose, and share the company’s successes and setbacks with them.

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