How We Sell Businesses

1. Commitment to a Full-Time, Coordinated Sales Campaign

  • Targeted canvassing and ongoing contact with buyer prospects and multiple referral sources
  • Special searches for prospects in related fields
  • Active participation in multiple business-for-sale networks and websites
  • In-person and digital exposure by posting articles and blogs, hosting “How to” seminars, webinars and workshops, and talking to civic and professional groups throughout Colorado
  • Confidential networking with professionals, business buyer prospects and other business owners

2. Professional “Offering Summary” Know Nationally as “the Best”

  • Coordination with the seller client to produce a high-quality marketing presentation
  • Helps clarify what’s important—a compelling story with specific and footnoted financial reports
  • Nationally acclaimed in The Business Broker by IBBA Founder Tom West

3. Organizational Systems and Confidentiality Procedures

  • Office system that handles buyer qualifications and confidentiality for clients
  • Buyer registration process to gather information and properly screen prospects
  • Creative marketing and sales tactics to get businesses sold

4. Contact Manager Database of Buyers Ready to Buy

  • Many active and pre-registered current buyer prospects already looking and ready to buy
  • Knowledge of where these buyer prospects are in their search process
  • Regular contact with this database through direct email, phone and personal contact

5. Active Use of Digital Platforms

  • Active use of multiple business listing sites such as and others
  • Active use of social networking sites such as, and
  • Website development for maximum visibility
  • Integration of all digital platforms for optimized presence and “findability.”
  • Posting of articles and blogs and participation in real-time interactive dialogue
  • Confidentiality maintained through “blind” listings

6. Networking with Selected Brokers and Other Intermediaries*

  • Providing packages and information to other trusted business brokers and intermediaries
  • Offering generous fee sharing to other professionals

*Only performed with a seller’s permission