It’s not just the level of service that impressed us, but how the service was delivered—with warmth, friendliness, humor and caring.
John and Suzan Henkel, Former Seller ClientsJ.A. Henkel Co., Inc.

Who We Are

Glen Cooper

Business Broker / Business Coach

Glen Cooper is the founder and managing partner of Colorado Business Brokers. He has been a business broker since 1979, was a credentialed business appraiser for 26 years and has been a business coach for over 15 years.

Michelle Regner

Business Broker / Business Coach

Michelle Regner has been the founder and CEO of three SaaS technology companies that she grew and then sold. She is now President and owner of Business Brokers of Utah and has entered into a strategic partnership with Colorado Business Brokers and Orion Capital to offer regional business brokerage and coaching services.

Eric Shampine, MS, International Business

Business Broker / Business Coach

Eric is the managing partner for Orion Capital LLC, a Colorado private equity and business advisory firm located in Highlands Ranch, CO. Orion has entered into a strategic partnership with Colorado Business Brokers and with Business Brokers of Utah to offer business brokerage and coaching services.

Purvish Kothari, MS, PGDCH

Business Broker / Business Coach

Purvish is a partner in Orion Capital LLC, a Colorado private equity and business advisory firm located in Highlands Ranch, a Denver (Colorado) suburb. As a seasoned C-Level executive with over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he will also be partnering with Colorado Business Brokers to offer brokerage and business coaching services.

“Your Colorado Business Brokers Will Put Their Systems,
Teamwork and Track Record to Work for You!”

Learn How To Sell Your Business In Colorado:

Your Colorado business brokers have the systems for doing what they do, a team to do it, and a track record of success.

Why settle for anything less? Take your time and make a good choice.

Deciding who should help you sell your Colorado business is an important decision.

You’ll need a team of Colorado business brokers at the best firm you can find.

A free valuation of your business is available.

Your business broker team at Colorado Business Brokers will help you price your business for sale. You’ll receive a clear, common sense price recommendation that you’ll understand.

Your confidentiality will be preserved.

The fact that your business is – or might be – for sale should be kept confidential. You’ll discover the many reasons for confidentiality in this process. You’ll want a team of brokers that have a system for that.

Your business brokerage team will launch a robust marketing campaign that gets you at least 50 buyer prospects.

That’s the average number you will need to find just the right buyer. So that’s what your brokerage team will campaign for.

You’ll also have the advantage of your brokers’ screening and qualifying systems to find that “right” buyer.

Once your buyer is found, your Colorado business brokers team will have the negotiating and closing systems to get you to the finish line, quickly!

You’ll get a team of three brokers working on your account – not just one or two – when you work with Colorado Business Brokers.

At most Denver business brokers, you get only one broker who works on your account.

The founders of Colorado Business Brokers have chosen, instead, to be Colorado’s only business brokerage collaborative team.

You’ll get three brokers assigned to your account. Go ahead. Check out our backgrounds. Take a close look!

Hiring Colorado Business Brokers also gets you coaching.

You get coaching services free when you engage us. Sometimes, that’s just what you need to fix a problem before your Colorado business brokers put your business on the market.

Finally, at Colorado Business Brokers we have a track record you can examine and explore.

We’re happy to provide references and invite you to check out our endorsements. Look us up on LinkedIn too.

Our Denver business brokers focus on the heart of Colorado’s “Front Range” market area: Denver to Boulder and Ft. Collins.

We’re all based in Denver and north to better serve this area.

For certain types and sizes of businesses, we also cover Colorado’s mountains, particularly east of the Continental Divide.

If you need more details, check out the specifics of our “Systems, Teamwork and Track Record” below, or just schedule an in-person meeting with us.

We’re happy to come to you as well.

Call your Colorado Business Brokers today: (303) 876-0559


The best Colorado business brokers offer effective business selling systems that transform the process of selling your Colorado business.

This is the way your Colorado business should be sold.


We help you set the right price and terms.

Helping business owners establish what your Colorado business is worth is a key initial service of Colorado business brokers.

Our backgrounds and business broker training systems, mentoring and collaborative peer review systems assure a high standard.

A Colorado business broker’s goal is to offer sound advice and professional counsel.  

We do that for both seller clients and buyer prospects.

What’s the right time to sell?

How to prepare your business for sale? What’s the right price?

Who is the right buyer? How does a broker handle it all confidentially?

How long does this all take? How much does it cost? These are the kinds of questions you’re asking. You deserve well-thought-out answers.

You need a Colorado business broker who won’t waste your time.

When you contact your Colorado business brokers, your answers to just a few questions will tell us whether we can help.

If your Colorado business brokers think they can help, they will offer to review your business information with you in person, for free and without any obligation. You don’t need to come to us. We’ll come to you.

We business brokers in Colorado then take what you provide us and confidentially analyze it.

To best advise you, we’ll likely need three years of your business’ Federal income tax returns.

We’ll also need and the most current internal financial statements.

That, with the other information we will gather at our first meeting with you, will give us an initial picture to form the personal and financial story of your business.

At a second personal meeting, we will recommend an asking price and explain what financing is available.

A second personal meeting is then usually scheduled to go over what we have learned, to summarize it for you, and to explain to you how much we think your business can be sold for.

All of that is free and without any obligation on your part.


Preserving your confidentiality is an everyday procedure for us.

It needs to be.

We have systems to camouflage the identity of every Colorado business we sell and safely guard its proprietary information.

Any meetings you have with our Colorado business brokers, will all be held in confidence.

Every seller needs a customized level of confidentiality.

Whether you hire our business brokers in Denver or we come to you outside the Denver metro area, we will work with you to determine what is and what isn’t confidential before we take your business to market.

You will be given the chance to review anything and everything that is said or written by us about your business at every stage of the transaction.

Proprietary information needs protection too.

When buyer prospects finally show up, we’ll be working for you to protect your business’ proprietary information.

All buyer prospects who learn about your business must register and sign a non-disclosure agreement before we let them know anything about your business.


Marketing for multiple clients by your Colorado business brokers compounds the effectiveness for each.

A coordinated and on-going campaign selling Colorado businesses attracts the largest possible pool of potential buyer prospects.

When people are looking for a Colorado business for sale, they can always find us.  We have a large database of potential buyers.

The name alone, Colorado Business Brokers, is a name you can’t miss.

And, neither can your buyer prospects in their “Colorado businesses for sale” online searches.

Our managing partner, Glen Cooper, is a national teacher and author in this field. He teaches marketing for business brokers and Colorado Business Brokers employs digital marketing experts who are behind-the-scenes and keeping us connected with buyers and sellers.

Our exposure for a search around business brokers in Colorado, and local “findability” are optimized on our own website, on LinkedIn, and through various national and local business sales platforms.

This means that prospective buyers can not only find Colorado Business Brokers, but they can find your business for sale.

Screening and Qualifying

You need your buyer prospects screened.

Screening and qualifying buyer prospects for our sellers is a key service we provide to you.

Whether those prospects are other Colorado businesses or individuals, we know the territory.

At Colorado Business Brokers, our screening effort prevents excessive disclosures.

Screening and qualifying of buyer prospects will save you time as a seller. When you, as a busy business owner with a Colorado business for sale, meet only real buyers, it creates a more successful business buying and selling transaction for everybody.

It’s a 98% screening out process.

Only 2% of all the prospective buyers who call on business opportunity advertising ever follow through to buy a small business.

That’s a statistic that is universally agreed upon within the business brokerage community.

That means that business brokers spend time screening and qualifying 100 buyer prospects for every TWO that will buy a business!

That’s a lot of work.

It’s also something that you, as a business owner, cannot do well when you’re trying to run your business.

Negotiating and Closing

You need a team leader capable and in charge of your sale.

When you choose to work with our Colorado business brokers, that’s what you get.

We are clear about our role as Colorado business brokers—part of a professional team working for our client —to achieve the goal of a timely and profitable sale.

Your Colorado business brokers must be collaborators who work well with others.

At Colorado Business Brokers, we have a unique collaborative process to sell a Colorado business. Ask us to show you how it works.

The team that you will assemble to help sell your business will likely be made up of your business broker, your attorney, your accountant and maybe a financial advisor. There may also need to be a banker or a business appraiser.

Brokers must coordinate well with your other advisors.

Our involvement with professionals in other Colorado business sales we’ve handled will help you navigate your path through to a successful closing.

Your family members, too, may be part of the team.

As coaches as well as business brokers, we may be unique among Colorado business brokers. We can help with the sometimes-difficult task of making all parties to the closing as well as your family members feel properly informed and included.

That’s a likely benefit from our training and background in personal coaching.

We’re happy to help you in any way we can to make sure that your family’s information and inclusion needs are met while you go through this process of selling your business.


Teamwork gets the job done like nothing else can when you’re selling your Colorado business.

This is the way you want your Colorado business to be sold.

Exclusive Representation

You need exclusive representation by the Colorado business brokers you choose. We represent Colorado business sellers as clients under our “Exclusive Right to Sell” agreements.

We only work with buyers as customers and – sometimes – as coaching clients when they’re considering buying a Colorado business that we don’t represent.

We only represent Colorado business sellers.  

This allows us to give the best service to you as a business owner selling your Colorado business without the potential for confusion or conflicts.

Although we don’t serve as “buyer brokers,” we give outstanding service to people seeking to buy a business in Colorado.

Many of our Colorado business broker competitors try to represent both buyers and sellers.

Buyer broker representation doesn’t work in our field.  

Buyer brokerage works in residential real estate. It works sometimes in commercial real estate. It works often in the sale of very large businesses.

But, it does not work and is not common in the selling of Colorado’s small businesses.


You want Colorado business brokers who know this state, its economy, and its businesses.

For us, Colorado is home, not the far end of a sales territory.

We are based in Denver.

The heart of our market is the Front Range from Denver north. But we also cover many other areas of Colorado.

You want Colorado business brokers who have the know-how to launch a full-time, highly focused marketing campaign for your business.

Selling Colorado businesses is, in fact, something we’re working to do every single day.

Let us tell you how we do that.

Our individual backgrounds in marketing and sales are particularly strong.

Your Colorado business brokers must have the required licensing and credentials for this work.

Colorado requires a Colorado real estate brokers license even for business brokers. We all have that licensing, but most out-of-state brokers who try to sell Colorado businesses do not, and even some in-state brokers don’t either.

As you interview brokers, you need to ask them about their license to practice in Colorado.

Contact us, and meet us in person, then make your own judgment.

Our Colorado business brokers will be happy to come to meet you.

You don’t have to travel to see us.

To learn more about us, check out our bios, and LinkedIn profiles.


You want brokers grounded in the real world of business ownership.

As your Colorado business brokers, we are all former and current business owners ourselves.

There’s more to it, however, than just business ownership.

Each of our Colorado business brokers has extensive background in one or more related fields.

We combine our experiences in marketing, sales, business valuation, business brokerage, business ownership, business operations, law and accounting.

It always takes two or maybe three of us to cover it all.

We work collaboratively as a team because selling a Colorado business demands each of those skills.


If you’re looking for a business for sale in Colorado, you can’t miss us. You can find us—and so can prospective buyers!

With our help, you get the advantage of the right name, the right location, the right advertising, and the right connections to get your business sold successfully.

You benefit from our strength in numbers.

Most firms only assign one broker per listing. That just doesn’t work very well for anyone. We assign three.

Your business-for-sale campaign will run 24/7/365.

Neither sellers nor buyers like their business sale or purchase put on hold because a Colorado business broker is on vacation. 

With our team, you will always have a broker who is ready to serve.

Track Record

Successfully selling Colorado businesses gives us experiences that count.

This is the way a Colorado business IS sold through Colorado Business Brokers…

The Best Offering Summary

The Offering Summary we prepare for our clients has been called “the best we’ve seen!” Tom West, the founder of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), wrote that years ago and has confirmed that it’s still his opinion today.

Whether your business is big or small, we aim at keeping our in-depth marketing material the very best of its kind.

You want your Colorado business-for-sale story told well.

Every Colorado business for sale has a human story and a numbers story.  

And a story well-told is memorable.

Take time to see how Colorado business brokers present your business.

We have several past seller clients that have given us permission to use their Offering Summaries as samples. Ask for a sample.

Your business’ human story and numbers story must be unified.

When these two parts of the storyline up to create a great opportunity for someone who will buy a business in Colorado, magic happens!

A History of Success

Colorado Business Brokers is a firm built on a solid foundation.

Our senior partner’s extensive experience as a leader, teacher and coach are in business brokerage. Glen Cooper has successfully served over 500 clients in nearly 40 years as a full-time business broker and business coach.

We have assembled a diverse and experienced team dedicated to bringing our systems, teamwork and track record to the service of our seller clients.

Glen, Carolyn & Scott each have broad and deep backgrounds for this work. They each have business ownership and strategic management experiences that serve clients interests well.

When you work with our Colorado business brokers, you will benefit from our systems for valuation, confidentiality, marketing, screening and qualifying, and negotiating and closing to sell the way a Colorado business SHOULD be sold.

Collaborative Focus

Transparency, accessibility, and a meeting of the minds is what drives our firm. 

Offering extensive education, information, and support to clients, customers and our team are empowering to everyone.

We are really committed to working collaboratively.

Let your Colorado business brokers, explain that to you in person!

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