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Glen Cooper

Business Broker / Business Coach

Glen Cooper is the founder and managing partner of Colorado Business Brokers. He has been a business broker since 1979, was a credentialed business appraiser for 26 years and has been a business coach for over 15 years.

Michelle Regner

Business Broker / Business Coach

Michelle Regner has been the founder and CEO of three SaaS technology companies that she grew and then sold. She is now President and owner of Business Brokers of Utah and has entered into a strategic partnership with Colorado Business Brokers and Orion Capital to offer regional business brokerage and coaching services.

Eric Shampine, MS, International Business

Business Broker / Business Coach

Eric is the managing partner for Orion Capital LLC, a Colorado private equity and business advisory firm located in Highlands Ranch, CO. Orion has entered into a strategic partnership with Colorado Business Brokers and with Business Brokers of Utah to offer business brokerage and coaching services.

Purvish Kothari, MS, PGDCH

Business Broker / Business Coach

Purvish is a partner in Orion Capital LLC, a Colorado private equity and business advisory firm located in Highlands Ranch, a Denver (Colorado) suburb. As a seasoned C-Level executive with over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he will also be partnering with Colorado Business Brokers to offer brokerage and business coaching services.



If you’re looking for business brokers in Denver CO, you’ve come to the right place. That’s where most are.

The Denver metro area is the center of Colorado’s “Front Range” market for small business sales.

95% of all Colorado businesses-for-sale are along the Front Range. This market extends all along Colorado’s eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.

When we talk about Colorado’s small business for sale market, it is served by business brokers in Denver CO.

The northern half of the Front Range is the hottest growth area. That’s the area from Denver to Boulder and Longmont and from Denver north along I-25 to Loveland and Ft. Collins.

This area along the Front Range is the primary “home turf” of Colorado Business Brokers.


Strong Economy with Lots of Business-for-Sale Competitors, and Denver-based Business Brokers

That this area’s economy is diversified and healthy is the good news. There’s no better time to work with our business brokers in Denver CO, provided you’re looking to sell. Today’s market is booming.

That there are lots of businesses “For Sale” is the bad news – if you are just now thinking of selling your business. You’ll have plenty of competition in the Colorado business-for-sale market.

Because there are now so many Colorado businesses for sale, you’ll need help. You’re going to need the help of business brokers in Colorado who understand this local market. And, you’re going to need to hire the best business broker in Colorado you can find to have the business-for-sale marketing campaign that you deserve.

Denver is the market hub where you will find nearly all of Colorado’s business brokers.

Denver is one of America’s top cities. It has the 18th busiest airport in the world and a mass transit system that is continually growing.

It has a highly educated, young and expanding workforce and is dominated by sustainable growth industries like information technology, healthcare, energy, and education.

Denver is the center. But, because Denver is so attractive, its strengths draw prospective business buyers to other cities and towns all along Colorado’s Front Range and even to nearby towns and cities that lie west of Denver, in the mountains. The northern growth is strongest, but growth is also extending south and west.

So, your business broker will likely be a Denver CO business broker because they are in the market center.

There are some business brokers in Northern Colorado too because that is the highest growth area. Colorado Business Brokers is both Denver-based AND a Northern Colorado business broker. The northern half of this market is our primary “home turf.”


Typically, You’ll Have 1,500 Colorado Small Business “For Sale” Competitors!

At any one time, there are over 1,500 small businesses for sale in Colorado. When potential small business buyers are looking to buy in Colorado, they have LOTS of choices.

Most business buyers and sellers turn to Colorado’s business brokers for help. Although licensed as real estate brokers by law, business brokers handle this unique small business selling market, where finding the match between any one buyer and anyone seller is much more complex than it is in residential real estate, or even in commercial real estate.

Colorado business brokers are the most visible source of information for both buyers and sellers. Sellers need to be guided through this lengthy process. They don’t want to waste their time. Buyers, too, are eager to get on with their business buying. They have learned that business brokers really do expedite the process.

You’ll Need 50 Buyer Prospects to Get One Buyer Who Buys Your Business!

In the sale of small businesses, it takes about 50 buyer prospect contacts (on average) as inquiries on a business for sale before you find that one buyer who buys the business. Most sellers have no idea how hard it is to find and communicate with over 50 inquiries. Most inquirers (the buyers) have no idea why anyone would ever treat them as only one in fifty! There can be a big disconnect here.

This process often takes a year or more. That’s another reason that working with business brokers in Denver CO is crucial to success. They know how to coach sellers and buyers through this potentially long process.

The financing can be tough. Financing for a business purchase is much harder to get than for any type of real estate. The risk of financing a home or commercial building, where the collateral asset is very “tangible,” is much less than financing a business where the assets are “intangible.”

Confidentiality, too, makes it difficult. Unlike in real estate, the guarding of a business’s proprietary information is critical. Sellers’ confidentiality must be protected. Competitors, customers and employees need to be kept in the dark.  Buyers need help to understand this.

Timing is critical. Employees, customers and lenders need to be informed only when the time is right. In the end, only 50% of negotiated purchase agreements are closed. And it’s only one in 50 that makes it from initial inquiry to closing the deal.

Yes, just 2% of buyers buy! 


Finally, Only About 30 of Colorado’s 200 Business Brokers Are Full-Time and Qualified.

There are not as many small business brokers in Denver CO, or even business brokers in Northern Colorado, as you might think. Even though Denver is the center of the market and Northern Colorado is the direction most growth is going, the number of business brokers is surprisingly a very small number.

Serving those estimated 1,500 Colorado small businesses that are for sale at any one time are only about 200 Colorado business brokers. That’s compared to over 40,000 licensed Colorado real estate brokers! Of those 200, about 150 are in Denver, about 25 are business brokers in Northern Colorado, and the rest are either south of Denver or west.

But, of those 200 business brokers, fewer than 100 are full-timers and only about 30 are the ones you might select.

Because you would probably want a full-time business broker working for you, you’ll probably cut your potential list of candidates down right away to the 100 or so who are full-time. And of those approximately 100 full-time business brokers, our estimate is that fewer than 30 have completed any relevant education in selling or valuing small businesses!

Only 30?! Yes, there are only about 30 business brokers that you should consider. So, when you put your business on the market, you will be competing with 1,500 other business sellers for that magic 2% of buyers who will buy. Yet, there are only about 30 licensed, full-time and qualified business brokers in Denver CO that you can choose from to help you navigate your way through this maze!

The “bottom line” reality is:

  • Selling a Colorado business is tough! (You have 1,500 competing businesses for sale here)
  • You need some help. (Only 2% of buyers buy)
  • Your choices are limited. (There are only about 30 full-time and qualified brokers to choose from)


So, How Will You Choose a Colorado Business Broker That’s Right for You?

Business brokers in Denver CO are all different!

Their specialties are different, and their services are different.

But, perhaps most important to note: their talents and learned skills are different. So, that narrows your alternatives even more!

Qualified business brokers in Denver CO provide a dozen useful services for you to sell your business:

  • First, a full-time, qualified business broker can tell you about the market
  • He can help you get ready to sell
  • She can help you price the business competitively
  • He can help you present the business professionally
  • She can generate buyer activity
  • He can screen out the clearly unqualified buyer prospects
  • She can protect the confidentiality of your proprietary information
  • He can professionally handle offers and negotiations
  • She can understand, present and defend your price, terms and negotiating positions
  • He can explain the various financing alternatives
  • She can help you avoid the many surprises and pitfalls that accompany this process
  • He can lead your team of advisors (lawyer, accountant, banker, etc.)
  • She can help everyone get through the myriad of details that are required for a successful sale!

Not all business brokers in Denver CO can do everything on the list.

But, this checklist is a good one to consider as you interview small business brokers in Denver.



Our firm is a partnership of three founding partners working collaboratively.

What that means for you is that you’ll probably get to know all three of us as we work on your engagement once you decide that we are your business broker of choice.

Our business brokers in Denver CO are also business brokers in Northern Colorado because we focus on the Denver to Ft. Collins market. We founded our partnership to refine the systems of business brokerage and offer an unequaled quality of service by working collaboratively.  Where other brokers offer one broker per engagement, we offer our clients, three brokers!

We wanted to work as a team to bring the lengthy track record of each of us to the service of every one of our clients.

Glen has a nearly 40-year record as a business broker, business appraiser and business coach for small businesses.

Scott and Carolyn are both MBAs and have many years of experience, including owning, running, valuing and selling businesses.

As your business brokers in Denver CO also serving businesses to our north, we promise to bring our systems, teamwork and track record to the job we do for you and to ensure you get the most for the sale of your business.

As you are seeking to find the right Colorado business broker to sell your Colorado business, you can start with a free, no-obligation discussion with us.

We add value even in the first phone call. We can save you a lot of time by asking the right questions to see if it makes sense for us to come to see you.

And we will come to meet with you. You do not need to negotiate Denver’s famous traffic jams to meet us.

You can see us and read about us on our (Marshall – add link here) Website “Home” page. You can read about each of us while knowing that you’ll get service from all of us, and just what that service will be.

Our business brokers in Denver CO outline just what using our “Systems, Teamwork and Track Record” will mean for your Colorado business sale.

It’s all about the “systems, teamwork & track record” that you want and need at your service. We are very specific about what those systems are, how our team collaborates to work on your business-for-sale assignment, and how we use our combined business knowledge (gained from our diverse individual track records) to help you get to a successful business sale!


Here are the “systems” that we’re talking about:

Our valuation systems help us understand, present and defend your business value.

Helping business owners establish what their Colorado business is worth is the specialty of business brokers in Denver.

Our business broker training, mentoring and peer review systems assure a high standard.

Our goal is to offer sound advice and professional counsel to both seller clients and buyer prospects.

What’s a small business worth? We can show you!

Your confidentiality – and that of your business’s proprietary information – is preserved throughout your business-for-sale engagement.

Preserving confidentiality is basic procedure for our business brokers in Denver CO.

We have systems to camouflage the identity of every Colorado business we sell and safely guard its proprietary information.

Some Colorado business brokers aren’t as careful as they should be. We are.

Our marketing strategies and promotional materials are the best in our field.

Marketing for multiple clients compounds the effectiveness for each.

A coordinated and on-going campaign selling Colorado businesses attracts the largest possible pool of potential buyer prospects. When people are looking for a Colorado business for sale, they can always find us.

Our name alone, Colorado Business Brokers, is a name you can’t miss in your “Colorado businesses for sale” online search. The digital and printed materials for our business brokers in Denver CO meet a high standard and are constantly being reviewed and improved to remain current and relevant.

Screening and qualifying buyer prospects is a lot of work. We do it for you.

Screening and qualifying buyer prospects for our seller clients is a key service we provide.

Whether those prospects are other Colorado businesses or individuals, we know the territory.

Our screening effort prevents excessive disclosures.

It saves the sellers’ time. When a busy business owner with a Colorado business for sale meets only real buyers, it creates a more successful business buying and selling transaction for everybody.

Negotiating and “closing” a successful Colorado business sale is a multi-step process. We have systems for that too!

Our team of business brokers in Denver CO will work overtime to bring your business sale to a successful conclusion.

We are clear about our role as Colorado business brokers—part of a professional team working for our client—to achieve the goal of a timely and profitable sale – and to make sure that everything is done on time.

As your business brokers in Denver CO we make a real effort to know and work as a team with your other advisors as well – your chosen attorney, accountant, financial advisor, banker or even another family member.

Your sale won’t suffer because your single broker (other firms mostly just assign one broker to each listing) is “on vacation.” We go on vacations, too. But, since you get three of us working for you, most of the time you will have at least two to work on getting your sale completed.


Our “team” is unique because we work collaboratively – with each other, not just next to each other.

Collaboration is a buzzword that’s easy to use. But it’s not easy to accomplish.

We have made a significant commitment to working collaboratively with each other for our clients’ benefit.

That’s a rare business model.


Exclusive representation means we make it clear who we represent.

We represent Colorado business sellers.  We represent them as clients under our “Exclusive Right to Sell” agreements. We are fiduciary agents of our clients.

We work with buyers as customers and – sometimes – as coaching clients only when they’re considering buying a Colorado business that we don’t represent.

Our representation is exclusive to our seller clients. Exclusive representation of Colorado business sellers as our clients allows us to give the best service to them without the potential for confusion or conflicts.

Although we don’t usually serve as “buyer brokers,” our business brokers in Denver CO give outstanding service to people seeking to buy a business in Colorado.

Many of our Colorado business broker competitors try to represent both buyers and sellers. They call themselves “transaction brokers” and sometimes even work as “buyer brokers.” We just don’t do that.

That works in residential real estate but not in selling your Colorado business.

Our collaborative knowledge is something you must see in practice before you’re going to believe it.

We’ve all heard that two heads are better than one.

Our firm of business brokers in Denver CO considers that to be one of our most central core values. And, we have put that belief into practice. We’re happy to show you how.

Our clients can rest assured that our guidance and approach will never stem from one singular viewpoint.

When you meet with us, take the time to see what you think.

Our broad experience as a collaborative team makes us grounded in the real world.

As your business brokers in Denver CO, we are grounded in the real world of business ownership.

We combine our experience in business valuation, business brokerage, business ownership, business operations, law, accounting and sales.

Each of our Colorado business brokers has an extensive background in one or more of those fields.

We work collaboratively as a team because selling a Colorado business demands each of those skills.

It takes our collective knowledge to cover it all.

Accessibility is something you want from a business broker. One of us is always available on very short notice.

If you’re looking for a business for sale in Colorado, you can’t miss our business brokers in Denver CO.

You can find us—and so can prospective buyers!

We have the right name, the right physical and digital location, the right website content and the right connections.

Because we work collaboratively with every client when they are selling a Colorado business, at least one broker is always available. Most firms only assign one broker per listing.

That just doesn’t work very well for anyone. Neither sellers nor buyers like their Colorado business sale or purchase put on hold while someone takes a vacation.


Selling small businesses in Colorado is what our business brokers in Denver CO do.

We know Colorado, its economy and its businesses. For us, Colorado is home, not the far end of a sales territory.

Selling Colorado businesses is, in fact, something we’re working to do every single day.

Your business-for-sale “Offering Summary” will tell your personal and financial business story in a way that will inspire the right buyer.

The marketing materials for our business brokers in Denver CO are among the best.

The Offering Summary we prepare for our clients has been called “the best we’ve seen!” by Tom West, Founder of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).

When selling a business in Colorado, you want to have a selling document that fully tells the business story.

Every Colorado business for sale has a human story and a numbers story.

When these two parts of the story line up to create a great opportunity for someone who will buy a business in Colorado, magic happens!

Our strong digital presence means that everyone gets lots of valuable information.

As your business brokers in Denver CO, we believe in sharing information and in the value of establishing a presence that can be counted on.

Look around on this website.

Ask yourself: “Who else has this much information about buying a Colorado business, selling a Colorado business or valuing a Colorado business?!”

You want your broker to have a history of success. We do.

Our firm of business brokers in Denver CO is built on the foundation of our senior partner’s extensive experience as a leader, teacher and coach in business brokerage.

Glen Cooper has successfully served over 500 clients in nearly 40 years as a full-time business broker and business coach.

Our group of business brokers in Denver are assembling a diverse and experienced team dedicated to bringing our systems, teamwork and track record to the service of our seller clients.

We use our systems for valuation, confidentiality, marketing, screening and qualifying and negotiating and closing to sell the way a Colorado business SHOULD be sold.

Your business brokers in Denver CO work as a team, the way our clients and customers WANT their Colorado business sold.

We have the track record that gives sellers and buyers confidence that we know how a Colorado business IS sold.

And, let’s not forget that “collaborative” focus.

Transparency, honesty, accessibility and a meeting of the minds is what drives our firm. 

Offering extensive education, information and support to clients, customers and our team is empowering to everyone.

As you can tell by all that you can find out about our business brokers in Denver CO, we really are committed to your success, and we will do everything in our power to help you sell and reap all the rewards that await.


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